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Dental Implants are the most effective method to replace missing teeth today. With implants, you keep your entire mouth in great shape for years to come because they stop the effects of bone resorption.

Bone Resorption is the gradual deterioration of bone density when you lose your tooth roots. Without tooth roots in place, there is no way for the jaw bone to be adequately stimulated and consequently the bone shrinks. However, as mentioned before, dental implants act just like natural tooth roots and stop bone resorption. (For more answers to questions head to the Dental Implant: FAQ page.)

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Dental Implants have an advantage over typical tooth replacement methods such as crowns, bridges, or dentures because they don’t just cover up the missing teeth cosmetically, they replace the whole tooth. Allow me to explain this further…

There are actually two main parts to a tooth: ┬áThe first is what we can see. It’s called the crown and is the top of the tooth. The other part is something that we can’t see. It’s the tooth root. And more importantly, it’s the part of the tooth that matters most to your oral health. When just a single tooth root goes missing, the remaining teeth shift around and compensate for the empty space and after the teeth shift, it can be very painful and difficult to chew. Now imagine missing all of your teeth. There are bound to be some serious problems sooner or later.

This is why dental implants are superior to any other tooth replacement method: They are the only method of replacing missing teeth that replace the whole tooth, both crown and root. It’s best for your overall health.

These procedures have been performed thousands of times all around the world and with great amounts of success. Replace missing teeth with dental implants, you won’t regret it.

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