Average Dental Implant Cost | Comprehensive Fee Guide

Pricing on Dental Implant Procedures seems to be the most sought after information in dentistry. Not only is it most sought after, it’s also plain hard to get. Our goal in starting this website was to make dental implant information freely available to all people and because of this statement I’d like to share an in-depth breakdown of an average dental implant cost.

Of course, there is one disclaimer: The pricing information listed here may not be relevant to every implant practice and may vary based on your location/province. This is a breakdown of rough costs to help give an idea of what you’ll be paying for your specific situation. Also, if you don’t know what implant treatment is right for you, take a look at our information on tooth replacement options first. If you are looking for possible insurance options for dental implants, check out our insurance information at Insurance for Dental Implants.

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Cost Breakdowns

  • Each dental implant placed in your jaw will cost $2100 (CAD). For a single tooth implant, cost breakdown is $2100 for the implant plus the cost of the crown which will be around $800-$1000. The total for an implant supported crown will end up costing you ~$3500.
  • For a fixed bridge on implants, you will be paying for two implants placed plus the cost of the bridge. $4200 for the implants (2 x $2100) and approximately $2500 for the bridge. The total for a fixed bridge on implants will cost you ~$6800.
  • For an implant overdenture, you will pay for two implants plus the cost of a modified denture. $4200 for the placement of the implants and $2000 for the overdenture. The total for an implant overdenture is ~$6200.
  • For an All-on-Four™ Procedure (for people missing all of their teeth), you’re going to pay a consolidated price of $26000 and sometimes as low as $20000, though it won’t be advertised this low. An All-on-Four™ is the best method today for replacing all of your teeth.

If you feel we left out pricing on a particular procedure be sure to leave a comment with your situation and we’ll be sure to add the cost breakdown here.

About Brock Vandor

This article was written By Brock Vandor. He's the owner of the Vandor Denture Centre and is a local 'smile expert'. You can learn more about Brock on Google+.


  1. Hello, my question is what will it cost me for replacing my molars- top and bottom, I have all my front teeth, I got neglected when I was child, but now adult, I have put my children first, and I’m suffering because I have a hard time eating, and now really want to take of my self, but it’s hard for low income families.

    • From the sounds of things, a partial denture will actually be the best option for you. Dental Implants are great for replacing teeth permanently but dentures are also great for helping you eat again. The cost of a partial denture is approximately $1200. Hope that helps!

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