Dental Implants: Dentures become permanent!

You can secure or stabilize a loose denture with an All on Four™ dental implant treatment. This treatment offers the ability to permanently fix a specially made denture into your mouth.

New is the word when it comes to dentistry and implant treatments. Over the last 10 years there have been many great treatments made available to all people. One worth noting would have to be dental implants, more specifically Nobel Biocare’s All-on-Four™ treatment. With dental implants you’re able to replace teeth with a titanium tooth root that looks, feels, and functions like a real tooth root. It’s really exciting!

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The best part about the new concepts behind dental implants is that denturists are now making them a part of their practice because the two are so closely related. In fact, time after time there have been dental practices that have specifically hired a denturist to work for them because they have the ability to construct an overdenture on implants or something similar such as the All-on-Four™ option.

Consequently, there are some new things that you can expect from a denture clinic. They are now starting to do dental implant treatments and specifically the All-on-Four™ option because it’s so close to a denture.

Now, in the midst of denture clinics doing these procedures, there are bound to be some restrictions but that isn’t the case. There have been many fully functioning denture practices that have been able to successfully do implant procedures without any problems.

There’s also a great advantage to having a dental implant procedure done at a denture clinic. With the majority of the work being done at the clinic, the cost has been able to be reduced. Sometimes reducing cost by up to $5000 – $6000! That’s a price difference that is certainly attractive.

Some last things…

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