What insurance covers Dental Implants?

Dental implant insurance is something people can’t go without given the average cost of an implant treatment. Many people ask about the possibility of using insurance for dental implants and ask if they’re even covered for a cosmetic procedures.

The question we’re discussing here is,

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What insurance covers dental implants?

To answer this question plainly,

“Most insurance companies classify dental implants as a cosmetic procedure and therefore do not offer coverage for these types of procedures.”

But. The good news is that Canada’s largest financial institution, Desjardins, is collaborating with Shine Dental Implants in Winnipeg to offer dental implant financing with the best rates that I have seen. You can see the financing brochure here: Shine-Desjardins Dental Financing. Shine Dental also offers complimentary consultations along with a free CT Scan that any patient will need before moving forward with treatment. (The scan has a $250 value.)

You can call to schedule an appointment at (204) 800-5579.

If you decide not to finance your procedure, here’s the best way to figure out whether you’re covered for dental implants by your insurance and will hopefully help you save in the long run.

Find out what your insurance covers.

Take a close look at your insurance company’s website to determine if you are covered for all or part of your procedure. I should mention that you won’t be able to have a dental implant procedure without paying some kind of out-of-the-pocket fee. This is particularly emphasized in cosmetic dental procedures.

Another great option would be to check with your dentist or implant surgeon and ask if they have other financing option or payment plans. This could end up saving you the struggle of dealing with an insurance company as your dentist might have the answers your looking for.

The Most Common Online Insurance Options


Shine Dental has collaborated with Desjardins to provide great rates for financing dental implants. See them here.


This is the preferred online insurance company for procedures done in Canada.

Dental Implant Coverage Restrictions

As insurance companies always have conditions and restriction in their fine print, it’s always best to make sure that your insurance policy covers dental implants. Don’t get caught in a trap thinking that you’re covered for cosmetic dentistry but you find out that it’s an exclusion to your policy. (A total nightmare.)

Some advice would be to change the description of your treatment from, “cosmetic procedure” or “surgical therapy” to something like, “restoration procedure.” Some insurance companies will have a problem with cosmetic procedure but they might allow a restoration treatment.

In the end, it’s best to make sure that the procedure you’re applying for fits the proper insurance code. You can take a look at a great list here: ADA Dental Implant Codes

If you don’t use the right insurance claim code you could end up pay the complete cost out of your own pocket. Something that you don’t want to do when it can be paid by your insurance.

Other Methods of Insuring Your Dental Implants

Local Financing Options

In the event that you don’t want to go through your insurance company or you don’t have coverage at all for dental implant procedures, you have a couple more options. One of those options is the use of your local dentists payment plans or financing options. Many dental offices out there have some way that they allow you to pay for you dental treatments in a convenient manner and you should take a good amount of time looking for a dental service that offers these options. It can end up saving you a ton of time with insurance and save you money, which is something we’re all out to do.

Online Insurance Options

When you’ve tried everything listed above and you still want some form of coverage for your dental implants, you can try using an online insurance broker. It’s a relatively cost effective option for dental plans and you can get a portion of your chosen treatment cost deducted by contract with dental plans like these. The best way to find the right online dental plan is just to plainly use Google.

Hope this was helpful and informative. I wish you all the best. If you have any questions or are interested in getting dental implants, head over to our main page where you can find out contact info: Dental Implants Center in Winnipeg

If you’re question wasn’t answered here, send me a message and I will gladly add it here.

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