Dental Implant Safety

There are countless people that have had some serious questions about the safety and risk involved in a dental implant treatment. Let’s answer the common questions related to dental implant safety.

The big question they ask is: “Are dental implants safe?” Let’s take a look at that in more detail.

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There are sources all over the web that have had a handful of opinions on why or why not dental implants and implant dentistry is safe. After reviewing all of the information that I could find, as well as adding my own experience to the mix, I’ve come to a conclusion and will explain my findings here. (For more answers to questions head to the Dental Implant: FAQ page.)

Let’s first see what people and dental professionals have said negatively about the current safety of dental implants procedures. It’s been said that:

  1. There is a risk of infection both in the event that a dental implant fails and just a normal successful dental implant treatment.
  2. There are different kinds of side affects and reactions to having a dental implant placed.
  3. It can be pretty painful. This is a common myth, placing implants are less painful than having a tooth pulled. More information can be found in this article: Are Dental Implants Safe?

All of these are valid arguments against dental implants, (minus the last one.)

The truth is that in modern implant dentistry, companies like NobelBiocare™ have been able to achieve a success rate of 98% for all of their dental implants. Not only this but their rate of infection is just 3% for implants that failed. Which means that implants that don’t fail have an even lower rate of infection.

The conclusion to the risk of infection is that it is very, very low and that is only in the event that a dental implants fail and is rejected. The overall success rate of dental implants (thanks to Nobel) is the most successful dental surgery out there. Yes, that means that dental implants are more successful than your root canal.

Now, as it pertains to the second point, there have been reports of people that have had some unusual side affects to their implant. Many would also say that these reports are valid arguments against dental implants. But I feel like not all the details of these accounts are included.

Many of the people that did have allergic reactions did not communicate to the dentist that they did have allergies and therefore nothing could be done about the materials used in the dental implant process.

About the “pain”, there is always pain involved with a surgery such as a dental implant placement but I feel strongly that it’s not nearly as terrible as most people make it out to be. I personally could measure the pain to be that of the removal of a wisdom tooth if not less. I also feel as if the placement of dental implants, when done skillfully, can leave very little pain. Regardless of everything related to pain, you will always have the option of pain killers like Tylenol 3’s and other similar medications. With such medicine, the pain won’t be a problem and you will find yourself on the way to a quick and complete recovery sooner than you think.

So, let’s summarize the answer to the question we began with.

Are dental implants safe? In short, they are. I personally believe that they are the most effective tooth replacement method available and that everyone that is able to get them should make it a priority.

Important Dental Implant Safety Information

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About Brock Vandor

This article was written By Brock Vandor. He's the owner of the Vandor Denture Centre and is a local 'smile expert'. You can learn more about Brock on Google+.


  1. Allan Hawryluk Jr. says:

    I really though it would be painful, I’ve seen some images of the screws that they would be using and looking at all those screws and it will be planted on the jaw bone i really thought its painful, i think I need to see the actual screws before i finally decide to have dental implants

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